Who is the Greatest Of All Time?

We all want to know.

And understandably so.

It is an honest question. not trivial and labor meaningful …significance…the possibility of that distinction….dignity…merit…task and passions

It’s an ancient question. Man has for so long so devoted himself to this pursuit, that we’ve continue to ask, all of us, all of this time, in one form or fashion, the exact same question. (tie together) It is the rare concern that in one breath evokes exaltation and confesses humility. posterity

It’s a sacred question. Perhaps, the most important question we can ask. Greatness is transcendent and transcendence is divine. Those who seek to decipher are seeking something higher than the temporal. simply the immortal eternal infinite ethereal

aside…seeks to …if there is one among us capable, what his name…the question is existential and spiritual pious devote

There are many who ask, there are few who answer.